Retail with an Oakland State of Mind

Anchoring the central shopping district since 1928.

Uptown Station is at the center of Oakland’s nationally-touted, thriving food scene which has been a major catalyst for local revitalization. Along with increasingly popular landmark venues like the Fox and Paramount theatres —the neighborhood has become one of the most vibrant destinations in the country, topping many national “best of” lists. With 50,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space and an unmatchable location—Uptown Station is perfectly positioned to meet the need for more robust amenities created by this quickly developing new Oakland core.

The Space

Soaring loft ceilings, an 85-foot atrium topped with a glass skylight, and historic bay windows spanning the ground floor walls invite abundant natural light to stream through the space to create the effect of an open-air European-style plaza. A modern fusion of wood and metal sets an industrial chic tone—marrying utilitarian elements with a clean, refined aesthetic. Exposed steel trusses and polished concrete floors complete the visual story while plentiful outdoor spaces invite the kind of inspiration and innovation that push new ideas into play.

Retail Features

360° view of space


Shops & Distinctive Purveyors

A curated mix of tenants will bring new flavors to Uptown Oakland. Envisioned as a vibrant thoroughfare and neighborhood gathering place, the ground floor will feature a curated mix of local food and retail.